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jura toys POMPOMS - LLAMA art kit

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Combing sophisticated designs with the convenience of "no mess, no glue," this kit is a wonderful tool for inspiring creative, imaginative, inventive, and developmental play. Sure to make kids and parents happy!

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Product description

  • BUILD THREE WHIMSICAL FRAME-WORTHY PICTURES WITH NO GLUE- Peel back the sticker coverings on the three adhesive picture sheets to decorate each scene with 200 pom poms and cotton thread. Each picture is made of sturdy cardboard and decorated with colorful South American themes.
  • INSPIRE CREATIVITY AND DESIGN – Allow your child to choose which pom poms and string to place on each drawing. Arts activities encourage brain development, fine motor skills, and concepts like color theory and graphic design.
  • MESS-FREE FOR BUSY PARENTS – Each part of the adhesive board can be revealed separately, allowing for the pom poms and cotton string to stick without messy glue or tape. All the pieces of the kit can be easily stored in the lovely gift box between crafting sessions.
  • MADE WITH SAFE HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS – Meets or exceeds all American and European safety standards. Includes 3 cards, 200 pom poms, and string. Cards measure 8.5” x 5”, box measures 8.8”x 5.1” x 1.6”.

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